Current performances

After Hours

Choreography: Elwira Piorun, Szymon Osiński
Cast: Klaudia Buda, Aleksandra Krajewska, Jarema Andrzejewski, Jacek Foltyn

In a busy world a yuppie doesn’t have time to rest. Relations with relatives weaken. They get into metro, a car or a tram in the morning to be able to sit at their office desk as quickly as possible. In the evening they’re too tired to show any emotions. What’s left are fantasies in front of their computers and office gossips. Pondering about what will never happen and what could happen if they want beyond social convention. Imaginary affairs, passion, speculations about feelings. Dreams that can’t come true. Because they are meant to fail.

Empty Bodies

Choreography & concept: Karolina Kroczak
Cast: Aleksandra Krajewska, Agata Pankowska/Ilona Gumowska, Elwira Piorun

Real Love

Choreography: Daniel Abreu
Cast: Ilona Gumowska, Elwira Piorun, Izabela Prokopek
Light Design: Witold Kaczkowski

Real Love is the mystery of birth, passing and death performed by three women of all ages. What means true love for them? Maybe it is the feeling which mother has for her child. How does a woman feel being a mother? What does she feel when someone close to her dies? Love and death are two threads that constantly appear in the performance of "Real Love" and affect each other at all times. Being a mother and being close to death. "Real Love" is a form of a choreographic poem filled with poetic symbols and meanings from the borderline of metaphysics...

Daniel Abreu was born in Tenerife, where he became interested in physical movement and stage expression for the first time. He obtained a diploma in psychology at the Universidad de Educación Distancia. He collaborated with numerous dance theaters and dance groups in Spain, and he assisted in many international productions. His Theater has completed over thirty performances and is regularly invited to various countries in Europe, America and Asia. Their performances were presented at the Circuito de Red de Teatros Alternativas four years in a row, twice on the Aerowaves (2009 and 2011), as well as in more than 17 countries, such as Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Korea, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland.


Where Should We Go?

Choreography: Collective work
Concept: Bartek Figurski
Dance: Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Bartek Figurski, Szymon Osiński
Music: collage

Where should we go? This is an important question which can be addressed to larger community, small groups and individuals. When you need to get along with a group and make a decision all together, your freedom of choices and expression of individual opinion is encountered with resistance. What kind of dance do you want to create, how do you want to talk about your thoughts, feelings and emotions? This is the most personal Zawirowania's performance. Sometimes it is difficult to tell when the improvisation with personal themes ends and invented story begins. Regardless of these tricks one thing stays the same, professionalism and lightness of the movements.


Choreography: Elwira Piorun (with the cast)
Dance: Alisa Makarenko, Artur Grabarczyk, Elwira Piorun music: Collage

Is it possible to create protected versions of your life, which would be constantly modified and improved? Or maybe it is better to let yourself go, knowing that nothing happens twice. Backup is a story of two women and a man, it shows the process of making an alternative version of your life. In this situation it is necessary to recall your past, realize your feelings now and define your current dreams. First of all you need to create backup which you can check if something goes wrong. Despite the title, it is impossible to make a backup of the three dancers performing on stage with an impressing energy and emotional choreography.

Ha-E The Absence Of Yes

Choreography: Ido Tadmor
Dance: Elwira Piorun, Szymon Osiński, Ido Tadmor, Danis Bucksbaum / Ofra Idel
Music: Collage


“All is different but nothing is different. All wars are the same but no war is the same. All wars are caused by fear but no fear can be solved by war. All soldiers and widows are the same but each soldier and each widow is different". Project “Ha-E The Absence Of Yes” was developed during the Polish - Israeli cooperation and its first version was shown at the International Dance Theatre Festival Zawirowania in June 2015 in Warsaw. The actual premiere was held on 1 of December on the Jerusalem International Dance Week in Gerard Bechar theatre in Jerusalem. The show will be presented both in Israel and in Poland. 


Unfortunately, the war reality is becoming more and more real and affecting our lives. Perhaps only an utopia, created in the theatre is able to save our world from the increasing aggression.


Choreography: Karolina Kroczak
Dancers: Elvira Piorun, Simon Osiński
Light & Sound Design: Witold Kaczkowski
Music: Collage

It's a story about what excites us and what winds up in relation to the other person. What is the balance of power in passionate interaction? What does it mean to be a woman, what to be a man? How the dance plays a sex? During the performance, we will seek answers to these questions using cliches taken, among others, from dance and entertainment programs, Kamasutra, archetypal images of male-female relationships and elements of private contractors. The inspiration for the show were questions about sex, relationships that create and self-image, which is formed under their influence. How stereotypes, images, cultural and determine the perception of media messages and life partner in a relationship? Wybieg is a place of presentation models, but also an excuse, a way to get rid of the problem by the falsification of reality. We live under time pressure, appearance and beliefs. Surrender to terror expectations of a partner, but really disciplining ourselves - we remind animals, which after some time spent in captivity are gaining seeming freedom on the catwalk.


Choreography: collective work
Dance: Andrzej Adamczak / Szymon Osiński, Marta Kosieradzka, Elwira Piorun
Duration: 45 min

The poetic images show how relationships distort under the influence of time. A man is confronted with the image of "masculinity" that woman had created. Performed among others at: The Aura Festival / Lithuania, The Sukkot Dance Festival / Israel, Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival / Croatia, 10th International Theatre Dance Festival Zawirowania / Poland. 

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