Elwira Piorun // modern dance, ballet, stretching

On stage for more than 20 years. She is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and co-founder of the Zawirowania Dance Theatre, first contemporary dance theatre in Warsaw. For many years she was a dancer at the Warsaw Opera Ballet.  In the academy

Szymon Osiński // modern jazz

Dancer and choreographer. In his practice he uses techniques of modern dance, jazz technique and others. Since the beginning of the Zawirowania Dance Theatre turmoil he belongs to the cast and he is as co-author of many choreographies. In the academy,

Bartosz Figurski // physical dance

Bartosz studied at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow/Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom. He is a dancer of Zawirowania Dance Theatre and co-author of its choreographies. Figurski gives classes of physical dance. He uses various dance techni

Marta Kosieradzka // contemporary dance for beginners

Marta graduated from the faculty of graphic art at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Later she studied at the dance department Artesis the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp (Belgium). She teaches modern dance for the beginners. Her classes aim t

Bartek Woszczyński // contemporary fusion

Contemporary dance classes during which we will be using elements of various techniques, such as Cunningham, Release, floor work and even classical dance. Each class will be divided into two parts - a technical part when we will work on the technique a

Artur Grabarczyk // movement studies

Creative dance classes, focused on the analysis of movement, composition in space and the basics of choreography. These are classes that deepen the practical and theoretical skills of the dancer, expand body awareness and stimulate the imagination duri

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