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Where is Pablo?

"Everything that you can imagine is real" P. Picasso. A performance inspired by the Pablo Picasso's life and paintings. One of the main motives in his paintings were women -in real life and in art they fascinated and inspired him, he was addicted to their talents, beauty and interest. In Picasso's paintings women take all possible forms - from completely deformed, dressed in cubistic shapes through ethereal, romantic, lyrical to dramatic representations of women experiencing the drama of war. What would happen if women from the paintings get a word in edgeways, created their own world, leaving Pablo at his door? Is it possible for the imagined to become true?

Premiere: 22.06.2018

Direction and choreography: Marta Kosieradzka 
Performance: Liwia Aninowska, Lidia Bojarska- Łojewska, Patrycja Ćmiel, Małgorzata Górska, Klaudia Kalicka, Joanna Pączkowska, Agata Rutkowska, Julia Sobolewska, Agnieszka Wronowska, Małgorzata Wysocka
Music: Adriano Fontana, Steve Reich, Murcof, René Aubry
Picture: Piotr Łęcki


Ravnfjær is a performance based on Norse mythology and the customs and rituals of the Norman people from the breakthrough of the 7th and 12th century. It is a peculiar collage which in an abstract way takes on a journey through sagas and myths. Similar to other Indo-European belief systems, Norse mythology consists of myths about gods and goddesses, heroes, wonderful lands, beginning and the end of the world. We can find here incl. stories of giants and dwarves, the death of Baldur, the adventures of Loki, the predictive prophecy of Ragnarok, and references to the holidays and rites celebrated by the Normans for glory of their gods. Ravnfjær (read: ravmfjer) translated from Norwegian means "raven feathers" which fits metaphorically in the structure of the performance, showing the multitude and multilayered nature of the subject. The raven itself is a symbol of death, war but also wisdom. It is also one of the attributes of Odin - the god of War, Death, and Wisdom, accompanied by two ravens named Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory).

Idea and direction: Artur Grabarczyk
Choreography: Artur Grabarczyk oraz tancerze
Performers: Agata Baran, Wiktor Bębacz, Agnieszka Brzezińska, Stanisław Bulder, Sylwia Czubińska,
Włodek Kołobycz, Kasia Kuzka, Beata Miernik, Oliwia Pierzchała, Izabela Prokopek, Justyna
Ptaszyńska, Agnieszka Sterczyńska, Alicja Wójtowiec, Konrad Zagajewski
Costumes: Iwona Raczyńska, Weronika Cudzik
Consultation: Joanna Lichorowicz-Greś
Music: collage

Warsaw and I - dancing with history

Warsaw and I - dancing with history. Is it real what we remember or maybe it is a history we read in the book, image from the video we watched or note from the newspaper we checked? Who will recognise it? There is a reason why the politicians are trying to purposes and manipulate the collective memory. Just try to read a history books published at different times. They differ from each other in matters of principle. But when you have to recall the facts and atmosphere of the times, we are left only with a memory. It can't be replace by any documentation, which most may help a little bit... And sometimes it is worth to dance it.

Artistic guide: Elwira Piorun, Magdalena Engelmajer
Performance: Lidia Bojarska-Łojewska, Dagmara Izbicka, Krystyna Jezuita, Krzych Kibart, Anna Kostrzewska, Beata Kubalska, Jagoda Maciaszek, Barbara Markowska, Iza Prokopek, Krzysztof Roszkowski, Wanda Seroczyńska, Małgorzata Świderska.

To go or not to

To go or not to. During the four-month work, under the guidance of the choreographer Małgorzata Piastowska, participants tried to answer titled question „To go or not to? They asked themselves questions such as: Do I want to go there? Am I afraid? Am I not sure? Do I turn back? Is something blocking me? What inspires me? What makes it work? 

The premiere of the project took place on 31stof January 2016.

Choreography and concept: Małgorzata Piastowska
Dance: Tomasz Bieńkowski, Aneta Gralak, Celestyna Król, Karolina Osytek, Krzysztof Roszkowski, Magdalena Sawicka, Ula Wawrzyńczyk, Mateusz Wróblewski, Małgorzata Wysocka

Quo Tendis

Quo Tendis. In the twenty-first century increasingly harder is to stop for a while and think about what really matters in our life. We have less and less time focusing on work, success, pleasure. We are looking for fast and intense experiences. Sometimes we fight for survival sometimes for control. We lose ourselves surrounded by the reflections of mobile screens and computers. Contacts between people undiminished together with the ability to express our emotions. We slowly lose our own individuality, privacy and autonomy. Where are we really going? What is the directions to be happy. What shall we do in order to avoid falling into the trap of consumerism and disorienting rush of our life. Breath work, purchase, consume then die.

The premiere of the project took place on 3rdof April 2016.

Choreography: Michał Góral
Cast: Beata Hantulik, Izabela Karsznia, Mateusz Krzysiak, Beata Kubalska, Michalina Kuźniar, Beata Miernik, Karolina Płuska, Julia Stąsiek, Kamila Wasilewska, Klaudia Gabriela Zalewska, Natalia Zduńska.

Dance and I

Dance and I is a story about individuality - about the kind of "I" that often is hidden behind the creation of the dancer on stage. Dance and I: twelve sentences, twelve approaches, twelve different individuals, twelve personal relationship with dance. The premiere of the project took place on 10thof December 2016. The aim of the project was to liberate young people creativity. The workshop aimed to help participants answer following question "what for me is a dance”, “can I use it to express my own emotions”, “what dance means in my life?". We wanted to involve young people in the project and let them realise what kind of potential is contained in the dance and in their own body. Project was also motivated by subject of the individuality in a group.

Leaded by: Małgorzata Piastowska, Albert Ciastek
Performance: Julia Błaszczyk, Aleksandra Pietras, Sylwia Czubińska, Kinga Brzuchacz, Kaja Sońta, Sonia Egner, Aneta Socowa, Patrycja Nosiadek, Alicja Wójtowiec, Gosia Górska, Beata Miernik, Konrad Zagajewski


Poruszenia was a project carried out under the supervision of Elwira Piorun produced by the Zawirowania Dance Academy. The premiere of the project took place on 20thof April 2016. Project participants used modern dance technique in order to discover their sensitivity, emotions and commitment.

Dance is a movement of the human body usually associated with music and rhythm, usually dance is not used for something specific, is essentially impractical. But what happens when it is observed from the outside? Is there a place where dancing is no longer just a pleasure, and becomes art form or internal experience. Touching particular important emotions can unleash new energy, for performers and audience.

Choreography: Elwira Piorun
Dancers: Ewa Rams, Marta Zaręba, Patrycja Wasiak, Katarzyna Romanowska, Paulina Pomorska, Agnieszka Szkopińska, Aleksandra Komarnicka, Sylwia Jasińska, Aleksandra Kanas, Małgorzata Wysocka, Lidia Bojarska, Norbert Narożnik, Tomasz Bieńkowski

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