Zawirowania Dance Academy is a place for both professional and amateur dancers. There is a great choice of workshops, training sessions and regular classes where anyone can find something for themselves. There are classes of contemporary and classical dance, floorwork, and body condition. Contributors to the centre include Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Bartosza Figurski, Szymon Osiński. Regular classes are accompanied by weekend workshops run by dancers from various Polish cities and original profi-training series devised by different instructors for to professional dancers.

Zawirowania Dance Academy organises also cyclical closed projects, addressed to the students of the academy and people interested in dance. Projects last few months and aim to work on the choreographic process. The results of the projects are presented to the public on the stages of theatres in Warsaw. The projects are carried out each year under the supervision of different choreographer. Previously completed projects were directed among others by the following artists: Elwira Piorun „Poruszenia”, Małgorzata Piostowska & Albert Ciastek „Taniec i ja”, Michał Adam Góral „Quo Tendis”.